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PDR Tool - Dents and Dings Removed

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To begin the repair process, a dent technician gains access to the inside skin of the metal via an automobile's windows, headlights or other access point. A fluorescent light is then used to illuminate the damaged area. The technician then drags the tip of the dent removal tool with leverage, over the damaged area in a fluid, pumping motion.

In less than an hour, dings and dents become "massaged out" without any damage to the paint.   We are able to repair dings and dents on any panel of any metal vehicle, as long as the paint has not been fractured or damaged prior to the repair.

Key Benefits

  • Keep Factory Paint Original
  • Costs Much Less than Body Shops [about 60% less]
  • No Bodywork & No Filler
  • Most Repairs Done in Hours, Not Days

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