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What Size Dents Can be Repaired?

Almost all dents and dings can be repaired as long as the paint is not damaged and the metal has not been severely crumpled or stretched.  Most non-collision dents are repairable.

The limiting factor is the relationship between the dent's depth and diameter. A large shallow dent is much more repairable than a small extremely sharp dent. Door dings and hail damage most times can be permanently removed without any signs of a repair.

Is Paintless Dent Removal Covered by Insurance?

Absolutely. Insurance companies have embraced PDR. The fast, uncomplicated service saves money on paint, materials, and rental cars. Minor dents, such as door dings and shopping cart dents cost less to remove than a typical insurance deductible.

Are Dings Only Removed from Doors?

No.  All panels including the car's roof, trunk, and hood.

Do you Have to Remove a Door Panel?

No, we do not. We have specially designed metal tools that slide behind collision bracing.

Does the System Use Dry Ice?

There is a nationwide perception that dents disappear when you place dry ice on the surface of a heated dent. Because each dent varies in size, shape, depth, and location, dents cannot be removed using this method.. Our system does not use any heating or cooling.

How Long does a Repair Take?

Most dents can be removed while the customer waits. Individual dings take from 5-30 minutes depending on their size and location.

Note :   Major collision damage (5 mph or greater) is almost always not repairable with Paintless Dent Removal.

Key Benefits

  • Dents and dings can be repaired anywhere on the vehicle except if they are located on the very edge of the panel.
  • Dents can be repaired to 99% accuracy.
  • The vehicle must have clear coat and the paint has to be intact in order to properly repair the damage.
    • Repairable Areas include:
      • Fenders
      • Trunk
      • Quarter Panels
      • Doors
      • Hoods
      • Roof
    • Repairable damage is usually caused by some of these factors:
      • Shopping Carts
      • Children
      • Other Vehicles
      • Hail Storms

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